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Titel: Ride to paradise

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Utgivningsår: 2021-01-21

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Folktale was a tradition inherited from father to son

during the period when people lived in villages, before the metropolitan communities

was built up. During that time, folk tales were very popular and

was told daily in the villages, up in the mountains (Turabdin) and in other parts of Mesopotamia.

Much because of that media such as television and radio did not yet exist.

The villagers used to gather in the evenings or on Sundays at the village elder and listen to fairy tales.

There was always someone present who had a story to tell.

When someone started telling a story, it was not at all uncommon to name that

Yahko Cacan or Musa Pathe were mentioned.

It was a talent to be able to tell stories and attract an audience, not everyone knew that.

It was important to dramatize and make the story as exciting as possible.

After the saga ended, there were heated discussions about the characters in the saga. Where

and one had his opinion on the characters in the saga.

Many times discussed the audience whether the characters in the saga should have acted differently or should have done something different.

The next time it was time for story time, the narrator could change the roles in the story and adapt the story to the audience's opinions.

This led to new discussions and new opinions.

In this way, the saga could be developed in different ways in different villages.

Some of the fairy tales are based on real events but have been dramatized by the narrator for the sake of narration and drama.

I must mention a few people who have helped me and contributed fairy tales to this fantastic fairy tale treasure.

These people are: Isa Hawsho dbe Zhaco, Jakob Callo, Musa Bagani and Yilmaz Bisse.

The tales in this book have their origins in Mesopotamia.

In the fairy tales we get to experience the forgotten environment and time in which they take place.

Where love meets hatred, joy meets sorrow and war meets peace.

This is a rich storytelling tradition with a thousandyear cultural heritage that has been drawn down to book form for the first time.

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Ride to paradise

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